MikroSnap is the solution!

An innovative capture tool for multiple cameras,
easy to use in a single process.

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Fast and simple

Working with MikroSnap is fast and simple, just as you wish a tool to work.

Drag & Drop

Drag pictures from MikroSnap to another application for post-processing.

Multiple Cameras

Straightforward use of multiple USB-Cameras on a Windows-PC.

Functions of the snapshot-software

MikroSnap is a software to capture images from a single or multiple connected video capture devices for saving or transfer to any other post processing picture software. The software provides a intuitive simple to use Interface for selecting a capture device and live watching. With a single click or keypress the displayed image will be saved and provided for further analysis or post processing.

The software does not perform diagnosis or editing tasks but capturing and managing multiple capture devices. Pictures taken with MikroSnap will not be altered so later postprocessing will not be limited or reduced.

Versions - Free and Pro

MikroSnap is availabe in two versions. The Free version is available for free but with a reduced feature set. It is preferred for hobby usage or testing compatibility of your microscope with the software. The Free version is available in the download section. The Pro version has the complete feature set for professional use.

Note: Please try the free version before making a purchase, to find out if Mikrosnap collaborates with the drivers of your microscope.

The following table compares the different feature set of the Free and Pro version of MikroSnap:

Features Free-Version Pro-Version
custom filename on save
drag & drop of pictures
resolution up to 800x600 pixel
resolution over 800x600 pixel
selection of picture format (JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PNG)
selectable saving path
picture labeling
barcode reader support
custom snapshot key
multiple cameras
trigger snapshot from camera (Proscope)
english and german language
compatibility with Windows (Vista,7,8,10; 32bit & 64bit)
price free 9,95€ incl. Vat

Download for free

This version is no longer available!

Professional applications

Documentation in cosmetics

Continuous documentation helps prevent liabilities in cosmetics. MikroSnap assists with deposition and correlation of photos to customers.

Quality ensurance for textile industry

Deliveries of textiles can easily be analyzed with a USB Microscope. MikroSnap supports documentation of the results.

Combined with the proper filename the quality control photo can be found easily on demand.

Packing table documentation for delivery

On the packing table a picture of all packed articles is taken. With a barcode scanner the deliveryslip- or billnumber with date and time will be imprinted in the snapshot.

Quality ensurance in electronics productions

For traceability and documentation of quality ensurance consitently created photos are needed. The photos can easily be added to a quality ensurance software by using drag and drop saving complicated saving and importing. Reference text and time stamps will automatically be imprinted in the snapshots.

Documenation and arch und filing for collectors

Museums or commited collectors have the ideal tool for extending their inventory lists. Because MikroSnap supports multiple cameras and microscopes at once, photos of large totals as well as enlarged details can be taken easily. In connection with the barcode scanner feature assigning the pictures to objects will be fast and easy.

Free download

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